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Karunesh – The Commune

Karunesh – The Commune

from Sounds of the Heart

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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) April 19, 2012

Run Amuk Productions presents the 2nd Edition R.U.N. Industry Mixer; Angela Yee of Power 105 Breakfast Club Set To Host The Live Stream Music PlayOffs Panel

Entertainment management company and record label Run Amuk Productions will bring the Bay Areas most prominent industry executives, tastemakers, managers, bloggers and DJs together with the hottest local talent the area has to offer. Hosted by Angela Yee, voice of the Breakfast Club on New Yorks hip hop and R&B radio station Power 105.1, the R.U.N. Industry Mixer will take place on Thursday, April 26, 2012 from 6 p.m. 10 p.m. at Noble nightclub, located at 600 Polk Street in San Francisco.

According to Run Amuk owner, Richard Rowell, the event will give local artists exclusive access to network with business owners and influencers in the entertainment business, all in efforts to assist them with improving their music. I recognized the gap within the market. We heard repeated stories from artists not having enough access to the right people to business owners desired to intermingle with their own community. With that in mind, we launched the first R.U.N. event in January and it proved to be a success, says Richard Rowell.

Bay Area (San Francisco, Oakland, Richmond, Hayward, Vallejo) artists will have a an engaging opportunity to have their songs heard by elite panel of judges chosen from the official #RUNtheBay list that was unveiled in January. After a song is played judges will reveal cards that either read BLAP IT, meaning the song is good and should be pushed into the general public, or LAB IT, meaning the artist should return to the studio and improve their music. I cant wait to get to the Bay Area for the Music Playoffs. Im excited to check out the talent, Yeeee! says Angela Yee.

The red carpet event co-executively produced by Echoing Soundz will house a matchless industry networking opportunity, plus an open bar and hors doeuvres, as well as a surprise performance by one of the Bay Areas most trending artists.

KMEL DJs Rick Lee and DJ Knuckles will provide the musical interlude for the early evening and highly anticipated event. Dont miss out on an exclusive opportunity to witness the Bay Areas rising talent and meet the industrys elite influencers all under one roof.

For more information contact:

Echo Hattix: echohattix(at)echoingsoundz(dot)net

LiMari Garcia: limari(at)echoingsoundz(dot)net

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Lester-John – Live for a Day

Lester-John – Live for a Day

from Commune

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Kingston, Ontario, Canada (PRWEB) April 23, 2012

Canadian aboriginal artist Peter Hawk Hill has always tried to express his personal cultural beliefs through traditional, modern paintings, and, on rare occasions, through sculptures. Frustrated with modern media, Hill has always voiced his frustration in getting the simple beliefs of his people, as well as other tribes he has encountered, in the mainstream of everyday lives. Often struggling with a poverty stricken, subdued life, and his mental condition, Hill still manages to drive ahead with a purpose.

Hill often feels that simple values, to him, are ancient and simple and are being brushed under the rug and replaced with the modernisms of life, voicing that people are forgetting the small, enjoyable things in life, and are being replaced with not enough time for the family structure as well as the moralities of life. Hill says,

All my life has been simple, a walk in the field, watching the ducks fly in at sunset, canoeing at sunrise on water that glistens as glass. To hear the birds early in the morning, oh what people miss.

Hill has voiced he felt that culture of any kind, is not the color of a person’s skin, but a way of life. He sometimes wanders along Confederation Basin , in Kingston, Ontario, early in the mornings to commune with with the local waterfowl that reside there. As he puts it One has only to listen to the wind, hear the trees talk.

Not wanting to give too much away, Hill wishes people to share their feelings through his work.

Materialism is not an issue with him, however he needs serious financial aid in the form of sales of his work or any philanthrist support he can obtain to survive. Hill feels that the earth is ebbing away as far as The real Life and hopes not only express himself, but to advance his own personal vision and keep people together in knowledge and the truisms we all share.

Mission Statement:

Ravens Aboriginal Art Company strives to modernize and revolutionize Traditional Aboriginal Art through the collective of artists within the company. Pottery, bead work, and various handwork’s are but a few of the collectives efforts to both bring new and traditional art to the world.

For more information, please visit :


or contact direct @613-544-7424 or 613-329-1088

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Cokato, MN (PRWEB) April 29, 2012

The oldest sauna in North America, residing in the Finnish Historical Park in Cokato, MN recently went through a major renovation, thanks to financial support from Cokato-based TyloHelo Inc., formerly Saunatec, Inc. Built in 1868 by Isak Barba and the early Finnish settlers of this area of Minnesota, the savu sauna was heated in the oldest tradition of saunas: one corner had a large mound of rocks, within which was an opening for a chimney-less fire. Because of this heating method with no chimney to exhaust the smoke, the sauna was called a savu sauna meaning smoke sauna. When the room was heated to the desired sauna temprature, the fire was extinguished and vents were opened to allow the smoke to escape and to create a welcoming environment in which the settlers bathed.

Ten years after the sauna was built, changes in the township, including construction of a road adjacent to the sauna, required the sauna to be relocated to a more private location so the bathers could enjoy the sauna in privacy. The sauna stayed at that location until 1976 when the savu sauna was donated to the Cokato Finnish-American Historical Society and was moved to Temperance Corner in Memorial Park. As it was in its previous location, the sauna was not set on a proper foundation, causing the bottom logs to rot and deteriorate.

With an interest in preserving the history of sauna and its importance in the community in which TyloHelo has grown to be the leader in the North American sauna industry, TyloHelo donated money for a proper restoration, which included hiring concrete foundation experts and log building restorers. Since the sauna had been constructed of white oak logs, it was important for authenticity to find logs of the approximate age and milling to replace the rotted logs. Some logs were rescued from an old grain mill, while other logs needed to be replaced with newly milled logs. Harvey Barberg, president of the Cokato Finnish-American Historical Society and descendant of Isak Barba, stated, It was invaluable for us to have the assistance of (TyloHelo) in this project which helped us to ensure authenticity. To assist in drawing public donations for the project, TyloHelo also donated an electric sauna heater to be auctioned to the public, with the funds benefitting the restoration.

To TyloHelo, the restoration was more than public service. Keith Raisanen, President of TyloHelo Inc., said, The Savu Sauna reminds us of the rich history and cultural significance of saunas. To the Finnish settlers, the sauna was a place to commune. Today, many people still enjoy the social aspects, as well as health benefits, of sauna.

To learn more about the savu sauna or the rich Finnish-American history in the Cokato area, visit the Cokato Finnish-American Historical Society .

TyloHelo Inc. (formerly Saunatec, Inc.) is a global leader in saunas and steam rooms marketed under multiple national brands Finnleo, Helo, Amerec, Tylo, McCoy, and Polar. TyloHelo is committed to community involvement through active participation as a company and through encouraging employee volunteerism. To learn more about TyloHelo, visit http://www.tylohelo.com or visit any of the specific brand sites.

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Santa Barbara, CA (PRWEB) May 07, 2012

In this Digital Age, information is never far from our fingertips. Indeed, most of us are constantly inundated by the effects of smart phones, computers, and cellular devices.

According to a new study from the University of Kansas, however, the effects of these gadgets are not always positive. In fact, this constant barrage of information can actually rob us of our creative inspiration, the study finds; something as simple as a nature hike can leave us refreshed and rejuvenated, however. This new study has garnered the affirmation of many notable outdoor enthusiasts, among them Santa Barbaras Sean Alisea.

Indeed, as a proponent both of hiking and of calming meditation techniques, Sean Alisea finds much to praise in the new report. The pressure, pace and noise of modern life creates in us a constant struggle against our primitive fight-or-flight response, Alisea says in a press statement. Aside from meditation, which I also highly recommend, I believe that the primary way to re-connect with one’s spirit is to commune with nature. Hiking, besides keeping you extremely fit, affords you the space and solitude you need to feel at peace with your world.

That hiking offers many physical benefits is hardly a surprise, but the new University of Kansas study affirms that, as Sean Alisea notes, the benefits are also spiritual and psychological. In fact, the reports central finding is that a few days in the wilderness, surrounded by nature but away from the pull of the cell phone, can increase creativity by as much as 50%.

The research is presented in the current edition of Backpacker magazine, and suggests that the effects of hiking on the human body and mind are profound, and almost unclassifiable. Hiking and spending time in nature, the report says, are ultimately beneficial for offering refuge from the cacophony of all of this information that simulates alarms, warnings and emergencies.

Expanding on this point, the report notes that constantly being surrounded by technology makes one feel constantly surrounded by threats or stress-inducing factors. This ultimately saps the human mind of its ability to have fun or think creatively.

Spending several days in nature, apart from digital technology, is ideal, the report says. Indeed, the creative spark offered by a nature hike peaks after about three days of really getting away, turning off the [cell phone], not hauling the iPad and not looking for Internet coverage, the study suggests. An extended period of time, alone in nature, is said to offer numerous positive effects, both for the human body and for the mind.


Sean Alisea is an outspoken advocate for outdoor fun and adventure, as well as for meditation. He lives and works in Santa Barbara, California, and is a tutor at the Santa Barbara School of Squash, an educational outreach program aimed at urban youth. Alisea is also an avid outdoor recreation enthusiast, and is vocal in his love for hiking, backpacking, and scuba diving. His passion is for sharing his love of these activities with others.

Maranatha! Music – Commune With Me

Maranatha! Music – Commune With Me

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Superbe prise, avec un Buzz bait de chez booyah, avec un rajout d’un leurre souple de coloris jaune, fixé sur l’hameçon. Avec tom. Bon visionnage. https://w…
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Lester-John – Not Enough

Lester-John – Not Enough

from Commune

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