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The Franciscan Church (Biserica Franciscana-Baratok temploma) was built between 1260 and 1290 and is among the oldest buildings of Cluj-Napoca. In 1390, a small Gothic cloister was erected by Benedictine monks, next to the church.
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Pannonhalma, March 2010

Pannonhalma is a beautiful place to visit. We have seen the Pannonhalmi Abbey. The church, the crypt, the Gothic cloister of the Benedictine order, the religious life, and last but not least, the neo-Classical library are all unforgettable memories. I have visited Pannonhalma with my parents. You can listen to the song from a movie: “Mamma Mia” while watching the pictures. Have a nice time!
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  1. WivinhaQueiroz says:

    Thank you..Beautiful vídeo, loved it!

  2. tinjoe1100 says:

    Lovely video && great job=)
    Thank you for sharing..The music is so soothing

  3. Lareyl says:

    Muy bonito.

  4. 3AutumnLeaves says:

    Superbisima biserica, am vizitat-o acum 9 ani, dar inca imi mai amintesc de maretia ei.

  5. Marie-Alix Grenier says:

    very good video !thank you !

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