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From the album “Concerti per archi” (2004) by Concerto Italiano / Rinaldo Alessandrini. The creator of hundreds of spirited, extroverted instrumental works, Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi (4 March 1678 — 28 July 1741) is widely recognized as the master of the Baroque instrumental concerto, which he perfected and popularized more than any of his contemporaries. Vivaldi’s kinetic rhythms, fluid melodies, bright instrumental effects, and extensions of instrumental technique make his some of the most enjoyable of Baroque music. Concerto Italiano is an Italian early music ensemble well known for their interpretations of Monteverdi and Vivaldi, among others. The historically informed performance ensemble was formed by the harpsichordist Rinaldo Alessandrini. Concerto Italiano is under exclusive contract with OPUS 111, which is now under the umbrella of the large French label, Na├»ve. Most recently, with conjunction with the National University Library in Turin, Concerto Italiano has been recording all the operas and concertos of Vivaldi, many of which have not been performed for over 300 years. www.allmusic.com www.allmusic.com www.arkivmusic.com en.wikipedia.org en.wikipedia.org ### Please support the artist, if you can afford it. ### Boycott RIAA – pay the artists directly to avoid the mafia tribute.

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