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Philharmonia Baroque playing the first movement (Allegro ma non troppo, un poco maestoso) of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony,accompanied by a scrolling bar-graph score. FAQ Q: Can I download this video? A: Yes, here: musanim.cerizmo.com Q Where can I get this recording? A: From Magnatune magnatune.com Q: What do the colors in the bar-graph score mean? A: The colors show which instruments are playing. Here’s a chart: www.musanim.com Q: Why are the notes different sizes? A: Each group of instruments (strings, woodwind, brass, percussion) is shown in a separate layer, and has a different size; this helps you see when instruments in more than one group are playing the same pitch at the same time. The timpani is blurred because that’s how it sounds to me. Q: Please tell me more about the composer. A: You can read about Beethoven here en.wikipedia.org Q: Is there a way I could make bar-graph scores like this myself? A: The Music Animation Machine MIDI file player will generate a display like this; you can get the (Windows) software here: www.musanim.com There are lots of places on the web where you can get MIDI files; when I’m looking for MIDI files, I usually go to the Classical Archives site first: www.classicalarchives.com Q: Could you please do a MAM video of ______? A: See: www.musanim.com .

24 Responses to “Beethoven, Symphony 9, 1st movement (complete), Allegro ma non troppo, Philharmonia Baroque”

  1. kev3d says:

    If I had to describe a sunrise and the beginning of a summer day to a blind person, I would play this piece instead of speak.

  2. Austin Jerome X says:

    I thought I had a spider in my monitor because of you. Well played sir.

  3. realpirate says:

    awesome !

  4. Leonardo Durand says:

    classic guitar hero!

  5. BrkfstofChmpynz says:

    This is great!

  6. foodiste says:

    Yes! You’re absolutely right. I think this is a wonderful way to listen to this music and to gain greater appreciation for the complexity of the material..

  7. karthrags says:

    It’s wonderful to SEE the individual melodies being set up and then being intertwined, to watch the way the piece is progressively developed. The video helped draw my attention to subtle things I missed in the music. I keep discovering new things each time I see and listen to this.

    Thanks for helping me to appreciate the music more, smalin!

  8. smalin says:

    No … but other people have been working on it.

  9. jhardknox says:

    Are you developing a MAM with 3D visuals?

  10. smalin says:

    Something I wrote.

  11. Brandon Wamsley says:

    What program did you use on your Mac?

  12. LandanTheButler says:

    I’m not agreed with theutbecrtizer and MrERouziel. I can’t read sheet’s music at all and I’m not a professional musician, but I can see the patterns of the music thanks to smalin video. And I prefer to see the real complexity of music, even I can’t see all the patterns, than a simplified version

  13. smalin says:

    My videos are for viewers who want to grapple with the complexity of the real score; those wanting a simplified view must go elsewhere.

  14. MrERouziel says:

    First of all- thank you for your (very) hard work.
    Secondly, I agree with theutbecrtizer’s criticism. It’s over complicated making the eye loose sight of the patterns that might emerge in more simplified versions. The same way it’s easier to read a piano version’s sheet music then it is a whole orchestra’s.

    Nevertheless, I enjoyed it very much, and thank you for sharing this with the world.

  15. Angela Lisle says:

    I particularly like your playing of Moonlight Smalin…

  16. Angela Lisle says:

    I so want to make videos like you. Or at least try to make something similar. I’m a poet and would like to put my poetry to music and images. You play piano so softly and with emotion Smalin.

  17. Vassili CH says:

    And, when God decided to create music he said: “Let’s put Beethoven on Earth.”

  18. Travis Groth says:

    keep it up!

  19. pianoandcomputers says:

    Looking at full scores makes me dizzy, but following along and analyzing a Music Animation isn’t so bad. Thanks for uploading this video! I can’t believe I haven’t found this until now :o

  20. Brian Rohrlick says:

    Why is this so entertaining to watch? lol

  21. HolyEyEolo says:

    how can something be so perfect…

  22. josed681 says:


  23. elortza1980 says:

    Thanks, smalin!!!

  24. Durmaz Huso says:

    i learn with this musik :-)

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