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Handel’s Water Music arranged for baroque trumpet, oboe, bassoon and strings. Performed on April 26th, 2008 by Nathaniel Mayfield and the Houston Chamber Choir.

24 Responses to “Handel’s Water Music Suite for Baroque Trumpet – www.natemayfield.com”

  1. Balod Sipio says:

    that is a special thoung technique. Its very hard to do the trills. he does it very good.

  2. bdrasin says:

    Wow, I have no idea how he does the trills without valves. Amazing



  4. Jelena Rakic says:

    Very very good!!! The best perfomance I ever heard!

  5. GameJoker1051 says:

    Steroids for the lips…’nuff said

  6. jvdurante84 says:

    No wonder why the baroque trumpet has been and is used as the standard for organ trumpets…

  7. pacman80500 says:

    I always liked piccolo trumpet, but I agree.

  8. pacman80500 says:

    I agree with him sounding great, but friedmann immer is the best ever concerning today

  9. aghaanantyab says:

    haha this is kingdom / king song in hollywood movie

  10. BigDaddyOldDude says:

    Absolute beauty. I can’t get the baroque trumpet sound out of ny head. I need to learn this instrument!!

  11. carloko08 says:

    Que genial interpretacion la de este Natán, una de las mejores que eh escuchado, la trompeta barroca es un intrumento de un sonido extraordinario, el mas clasico de la mejor época de la musica, felicitaciones a Natan y gracias por subir este video

  12. SuperTB4 says:

    schon, aber ist es so toll? es war ganz gut, aber wirklich diesen Lob kommt von leute die nie so was erleben könnten. Mit barock Trompeten gibts wirklich viel mehr beeindruckendere Auffuhrungen.

  13. Damac Silva says:

    Gostei muito de te emcontrado esse arquivo no Yutube parabens :)

  14. sirbuick says:

    I just made love to my wife to this track, it was perfect! Both the music and the sex. I hope Handel is in whatever form of heaven may exist. For creating this, he deserves it!

  15. sirbuick says:

    Nate I play trumpet myself. What a beautiful sound you make with this instrument. I won’t say congratulations but I will say kudos. You made my heart soar with this bit of music, I’m actually crying a bit :D

  16. kevinwwjd2 says:

    Apparently, Baroque music still lives, just do a YouTube search for Baroque music .

  17. dutchbikerbloke says:

    @natemayfield, thnx for posting this video of one of Haendels gratest music parts, here performed by a master of the Baroc Trumpet.
    It sounds as great and pure as it should sound……

  18. phattrumpet says:

    it really is a difficult instrument to play, and he sounds so perfect on it

  19. peteacher52 says:

    Thank you Nate! You have played some movements of the Watermusic I’d not heard before. Your artistry on your instrument deserves the highest accolades, and I’m sure Herr Handel would concur, were he able!

  20. Naturton1234 says:

    Nice work!!!

  21. Imhof44 says:

    Very good playing of a natural trumpet.He is nearly up to the standard of Michael Laird.I stood 15 feet from him playing the trumpet suite in F.It drilled me to the floor and made my hair stand on end!!!

  22. A. Hirt says:

    They say that if you make the instrument as it was then, you don’t need tone hole openings. They used to bend rectangles of metal around a mandrel and solder the edges together, BUT they’d put the bad side of the metal inside. This supposedly makes a ‘blattier’ sound, but makes the note much easier to bend. A period mouthpiece helps too, but no one really plays on these. Today, the yards are of drawn metal. Nate’s using a natural trumpet, not a Baroque trumpet. He’s great.

  23. Adam Warren says:

    From an amateur viewpoint, I think Maurice Andre’s playing is reminiscent of clarino technique.
    In the wind-playing connection, could I enlist people’s help in sourcing a 17th-century English cornet tune I heard the Grenadier Guards band play years ago in St. James’s Park? I’ve never heard it since, and I don’t know whether it was originally scored for the shawm-family cornetto, or for a brass instrument similar to the modern brass-band cornet I heard it played on.

  24. lynchmobb2000 says:

    To indeed be a god!

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