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Spanish Music of the Golden Age (Suite I)

Spanish Music of the Golde Age (1600-1700) 1.- Rujero (Gaspar Sanz, 1640-1710) 2.- Paradetas (Gaspar Sanz) 3.- Folias (Anonymous) 4.- Pabana (Francisco Guera…

24 Responses to “Spanish Music of the Golden Age (Suite I)”

  1. themailman43 says:

    This music is wonderful , the melodies are timeless and they’re a great combination with the paintings of the time. Thanks for posting this video of a music that we never even new existed.

  2. lentorpe says:

    Hurry up then – there’s plenty of traitors here trying to break it from inside, and plenty of idiots doing nothing to prevent it from top. Yes man, it´s so sad.

  3. John Blacksmith says:


  4. Esperanto77 says:

    Spain is the White Legend!!

  5. riufosc says:

    Miré los muros de la patria mía,
    si un tiempo fuertes ya desmoronados
    de la carrera de la edad cansados
    por quien caduca ya su valentía.
    F. de Quevedo

  6. Luis Martín Serradilla says:

    Fuck Black Legend & Listen to the music.

  7. deperpetrador says:

    Spanish empire could only be countered by propraganda after the invention of printing. The tabloid trash that time has survived to this day as the official story. The punishment of public courts in the rest of Europe were infinitely more cruel than the Spanish Inquisition. See The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition (BBC)

    Fortunately, despite the historical manipulation, we can enjoy the colorful music and art of a golden age.

  8. jjgnbf says:

    6:59 un cuadro sublime, el galán ofreciendo flores a su amada.
    Maravillosa música y cuadros excelentes.

  9. JimB2805 says:

    I agree with everyting that you say. A great combination of sound and vision. Well done to all concerned, and thanks for posting this.

  10. ylokos says:

    Yes and it seems that there is a bias still against things “Spanish” in most of America, at least in our history. America itself as we know it now through the original colonies being basically the offspring of Protestant England. Viva Espana!!!!

  11. themailman43 says:

    That’s true , and it’s part of the “ Black Legend ” , to make Spain look bad in everything.

  12. Rodrigo F. says:

    And protestants keep saying Spain’s golden age was a dark and terrible one…

  13. Konrad Kelly says:


  14. horsepukey says:

    Tis a joy to hear authentic Spanish music for change, what marviliuos artistry, and both extremely Celtiberian and Roman. So very similar to Italian compositions, one day I shall make Spain my new Fatherland!

  15. MrVideomadman says:

    This was real music! True. Tinkering. Timeless. Nothing compares today.

  16. MrBurdett007 says:

    The string music is exquisite and the accompanying pictures pleasure the eye as much as the music pleasures the ear.

  17. Humberto Manzano says:

    Yo confieso al escuchar esta música maravillosa que el único mestizaje y la unica fusión de las razas en el Virreinato fueron en el Arte. La Música, la Pintura y la Arquitectura de la Nueva España florecieron con este mestizaje.

  18. Elaguine81 says:

    Magnifique Musique….
    Merci de partager.

  19. themailman43 says:

    Absolutely wonderful music , it takes you to another time. The paintings are beaufitul too.

  20. sh4m69 says:

    although some say it was painted by Antonio de Pereda, but is assumed to Palacios.

  21. sh4m69 says:

    This painting was made by Francisco Palacios. Is a detail of “El sueño del Caballero”

  22. 231de300 says:


  23. 231de300 says:

    buena musica y muy buen video.

  24. voiceharp says:

    Here Here!

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