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Flauto Dolce Ensemble (Cluj, Romania). Zoltan Majo – recorder, Maria Szabo – recorder, Agnes Toth – recorder. EU project “BAROQUE MUSIC FESTIVAL 2009/10″ – C…

Dittersdorf,Stamic,Kallick,Skroup,Neruda info and buy: http://www.amazon.com/Baroque-Bohemia-V-Concertos/dp/B004CE4CNQ.

6 Responses to “BAROQUE MUSIC FESTIVAL – Concert in Triest (17.01.2010)”

  1. TranskriptionenFan says:

    WONDERFUL concertos ☀!☀!☀

  2. Marc Torrent says:

    Great music! but not baroque, these are classical concertos. At most, some
    of them in the galant style. But mostly classical.

  3. marie reverte says:

    Thank you .

  4. xPaulinhaKawaii says:

    I’ve heard thirty minutes of video and much appreciated!

  5. Tom Anderson says:

    Late summer or early fall. Take your pick, but try not to be picky.

  6. Unai Urigoiti-Irizabalbarrena says:

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