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Antonio Bertali – Sonata a 3, Dario Castello – Quarta Sonata performed by Combattimento Consort, Jorgen Van Rijen.

French Baroque

A clip from Il Giardino Armonico about French baroque music. Giovanni Antonini: recorder, director.
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25 Responses to “Early Baroque Music for Sackbutt”

  1. askim925 says:

    Why the fourth movement is not included? That’s my favorite one and I heard
    it in my dream !!

  2. Cristandos says:

    this is realy and true baroque music! what a masterpiece!

  3. Shannon Luk says:

    I’m curious as to peoples justification of french vs italian style in this.
    The virtuosity of writing does seem very italian but so much of it has
    characteristics of the french style. I definately hear italian but I’m just
    curious as to what others say about it, I could give a lot of reasons as to
    why it sounds french too.

  4. Federico Gärtner says:

    It isn`t live music… but it`s still fine

  5. mauscavr says:

    French Baroque by an Italian composer!

  6. HARMONICO101 says:

    Umm. Let’s see… firstly, French baroque music is entirely in dotted rythm
    whether written or not. The French used ‘note enegales’, meaning they would
    play with dotted rythm when it was written as straight rythm and
    double-dotted rythm when dotted rythm was written in the piece. The French
    style is generally less melodic, and more harmonic, odtentimes having a
    very rich sound. Tempo was not as quick as the Italian style. The French
    used alot of ornamentation, particularily trills.

  7. trapizobas says:

    This title is because Chedeville

  8. OlafAndvarafors says:

    Pienknie graja )

  9. Žonatan Rivera says:

    oh that is some truly wonderful music… ah yes

  10. frapesdrinker says:

    Thanks for the nice video! Can someone explain me (or give me an source)
    about the differences between italian/french baroque style. I searched a
    lot in the internet but the only differences I find are the tempo and the
    style of the overtures and that italians prefered the violin but french the

  11. munirahbb says:

    does anyone know whr i can get an mp3 of this version? and wad is the title
    of this composition?

  12. mimzou says:

    Rameau, Couperin, Charpentier, Delalande…

  13. dashande2007 says:


  14. munirahbb says:

    do u know whr i can download it?

  15. xieyongqie says:

    very nice! i wanna play the french baroque also. but i have intonation
    problem …

  16. frapesdrinker says:

    Thanks for the great video! Can someone explain me the differences between
    italian/french style in baroque music? I’ve searched the internet and the
    only I found was the italian/french overtures and that italians prefered
    the violin and french prefered the clavecin.

  17. Stefano Sburrino says:

    wow, please more!

  18. Rik77 says:

    To my ears, this sounds mostly Italian Baroque music with French
    ornamentation perhaps. Compared to actual French Baroque music this still
    sounds pretty italian. It is interesting however to hear a French style
    performance of this work.

  19. AlainNaigeon says:

    OMG do you mean, for instance, that Telemann’s Suite in A minor isn’t in
    French style, just because Telemann was German ? :-o

  20. nonua says:

    Hi ! where is recorded this video! maybe Italy, Is very nice place

  21. Yoshi's archive says:

    Greatest, it’s the art which i’m seeking for.. Beautiful… I lost words..
    ofcause 5stars

  22. TriumVirateABAP says:

    lol Are you a Melancholy soul of wonton and pain? Are you a lover of drma
    so rich in passion and challenge, with some sort of moody alone time? I’m
    serious. lol

  23. gothips says:

    this is mostly like english baroque however i dont know any french baroque
    musician except rameau

  24. juving says:

    It´s italian baroque, not french.

  25. Musicologynut85 says:

    No, it is French. Get over the Vivaldi. Chedeville was the composer who
    adapted it and published it in FRANCE. Therefore, the performers are
    playing it in the French style. The music is adapted from an Italian work
    (Vivaldi), but it was adapted by a French composer and published in France.

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