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The prelude for unaccompanied violin in G Minor by Henry Purcell ZN773, performed by Lisa Grodin on an original baroque violin by Paulo Antonio Testore, Larg…
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11 Responses to “Henry Purcell: Prelude for solo violin in G Minor; Lisa Grodin, baroque violin”


    Magnificent performance ! Thanks for sending me.

  2. LECTOR1812 says:

    so good..

  3. Voices of Music says:

    Or not.

  4. MrsSeanBean1 says:

    A Purcell project huh? Is Bill going to do a cello piece?

  5. cabitothekid says:

    but this is a viola :S

  6. Voices of Music says:

    From a musicological point of view, you are correct in the sense that in
    the baroque period the term “viola” means a string instrument–”violino”,
    from which we get the word violin, is the diminutive of viola: a small
    viola. The instrument in the video is an original baroque violin by Paulo
    Antonio Testore–if you look at some of our other videos you will see Lisa
    playing an original viola from the baroque period as well, which is larger.

  7. Diane H. Mond says:

    Just a violin with a 415 tune

  8. fetermcblues says:

    Fabulous !

  9. azulyrojo89 says:

    i can’t understand who put dislike in this video:S:S:S:S

  10. Paolo Merolla says:
  11. Lam Kuong Wan says:

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