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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 22, 2014

CARE Surrogacy Center, the global leader of affordable surrogacy programs in Mexico, announced today the industrys first-of-its-kind pregnancy guarantee for foreign intended parents. The company is offering a defining promise that if your 1st or 2nd attempt at IVF is unsuccessful, every attempt after is free until a successful surrogacy pregnancy is achieved.

Working within the principles of innovation, trust, and integrity, CARE is providing intended parents with the most comprehensive, advanced fertility care possible.

We believe in the principle of mutual commitment in achieving pregnancy success. Because we stand behind our outstanding clinical expertise and pregnancy success statistics, we are now offering an incredible pregnancy guarantee program, stated Tolga Umar, CEO and Founder of CARE. The pregnancy guarantee ensures that our intended parents can enter a risk-free journey to parenthood with confidence, and will truly reach their dreams.

CARE prides itself on its reputation for successful surrogate pregnancies. Due to the centers overwhelming passion to help heterosexual couples and gay couples, intended parents are seeking surrogacy in Mexico from all points on the globe USA, Mexico, Spain, Canada, UK, Argentina, France, Australia, Italy and more.

Embraced With Compassion

CARE Surrogacy Center envisions a world where every intended parent should be embraced with compassionate care, educational information, step by step processes, legal securities and an overall commitment to provide tangible results.

Every detail of the CARE program enhances ones family building experience, and ultimately inspires future parents to unwind and enjoy the blessings of life.

Given the complexity of surrogacy and the inherent challenges associated with it, the Center understands how disruptive surrogacy can be financially and emotionally. Fortunately, the loving team at CARE Surrogacy Center continues to serve as the backbone of a heartwarming organization, not only supporting but taking on the brunt of burdens, with each and every CARE journey.

CAREs Commitment to Results

While the guarantee states CARE will get you to parenthood at no cost for every endeavor after the 1st and 2nd IVF attempt until a successful pregnancy is achieved what it really signifies is the Centers commitment to results. The emboldening guarantee is about going at risk for our intended parents. No other surrogacy agency guarantees results like our program does, stated Brandie Umar, Executive Director of CARE Surrogacy Center.

CARE’s Guaranteed Pregnancy Program Details: If your 1st or 2nd attempt at IVF is unsuccessful, every attempt after is FREE until a successful pregnancy is achieved. To learn more about the Pregnancy Guarantee and the restrictions that apply, contact a CARE journey coordinator.

While IVF clinics cant guarantee every expectant parent a baby, the CARE Surrogacy Center looks to purpose a program that offers hope to all couples wishing to build a family and a promise that is not solely a condition of satisfaction for the future but a promise of integrity to honor in the present.

About CARE Surrogacy Center Mexico

The CARE Surrogacy Center in Mexico provides incomparable experiences for intended parents, encompassed by enhanced clinical pregnancy outcomes, abridged costs and a wide-ranging continuum of care. The vision of CARE is to represent and assist individuals and couples all over the world who want to build a family, regardless of sexual orientation or marital status. The Center embraces a positive approach to surrogacy with compassionate journey coordinators, expert IVF medical specialists using the latest technologies, and the expertise of the CARE surrogacy legal team.

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