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Mael Mórdha’s Godless Commune of Sodom off Gaelteacht Mael Mórdha. Gaelic Doom Metal, it’s good like. http://www.mael-mordha.com/

Karl Marx tells the story of the Commune de Paris, the greatest achievement of working class people, a true democracy. From play Marx in Soho.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Mael Mórdha – Godless Commune of Sodom”

  1. Jonathan Clark says:

    terrible name, but it’s not what ya think. It’s about being spat on, let
    down, betrayed by a commune of godless idiots.

  2. Brian Spony says:

    Curse of the Bard is my favorite from Gaeltacht

  3. Seamus616 says:


  4. Practice9Perfection says:

    Wasn’t Mael Mordha the king of Leinster around 1000 a.d?

  5. satanicmoongoose says:

    @skjaldulfr No, let them live happy lives together, you homophobic Bastard.

  6. Cynicgods says:

    Liking this quite a bit. Sounds like classic doom with celtic influences,
    at least this song. Will listen to their other material, recently found out
    about this band. If they do play power-metal-ish in other songs, I want to
    hear what this vocalist does with that, his voice sounds pretty eclectic,
    in a good way. Dunno why I’m reminded of Brocas Helm, Manilla Road and
    those kind of bands from this. Always a good thing.

  7. 4CelticPride says:

    @Practice9Perfection Yes

  8. InKa4484 says:

    @dsmhighlander thanks

  9. iran bautista says:

    that’s a true band

  10. undeadunliving says:

    this is amazing

  11. Joshua Standing-Harvey says:

    i dont care where its from its awesome

  12. ohmypregnanthead says:

    Anyone else think the openin riff is a slowed version of gary glitters rock
    n roll part two??

  13. BrodEirennach90 says:

    Excellent music from Eire! Eirinn go brach!

  14. FlutedTubePan says:

    Badass fucking song name. Any song called “Godless Commune of Sodom” has to
    be good!

  15. Seamus616 says:

    I was just specifying that it was the Irish language they use. as opposed
    to Scotttish Gaelic or Manx Gaelic

  16. yo123454321 says:

    What a band

  17. therealmoomoomoomoo says:

    I’d never heard of this band until a couple weeks ago, they are so awesome
    :D… This and winds of one thousand winters are their best songs by a mile

  18. InKa4484 says:

    @declaration14 Woah settle down there little fella, i’m sure you’re penis
    isn’t that small. I do agree Irish and Scottish are very similar, much like
    Italian and Spanish, or Portugeuse for that matter.

  19. InsignificantGnat says:

    @FlutedTubePan So true! Godless as in heathen makes it sound so badass

  20. tommyzero666 says:

    Speakers of the language such as myself call the language Irish, so if it
    should be called anything it’s Irish.

  21. Robert Weisler says:

    I iz likin’ this, me boyos!!

  22. metalger1 says:

    vocals sounds a bit like system of a down^^

  23. EvilIrishNinjaPirate says:

    @tommyzero666 actually, I prefer to call it Gaeilge, as it names itself.

  24. Nick Kane says:

    @InKa4484 its uisge beatha

  25. tommyzero666 says:

    @EvilIrishNinjaPirate You’re dead right. I’ve changed my mind since I made
    that comment.

  26. shupariusshah says:

    @jjenkov 1.) Capitalism is not based on voluntary cooperation. Because the
    means of production are monopolized by a select few through private
    property, workers are forced under economic duress to participate in the
    capitalist system. Voluntary cooperation can only occur under socialism
    (worker control of the means of production).

  27. bapyou says:

    @BGFGR “You wrote your silly comment on a computer which was build thanks
    to capitalism.” No. It was built thanks to workers. “You are not hungry
    because on your street you have shops with food where you can buy almost
    anything.” What does the fact that products are in stores have to do with
    your access to them? “Your boots, hat, coat, books, pencils, watch, radio,
    tv that you have were made by capitalists.” No. They were made by workers.

  28. BobTheSocialist says:

    A commune is true communism.

  29. SwePw says:

    Sounds to good to be true, are there any example of more recent societies
    like this?

  30. Deulineum says:

    Well, even if you are correct, Britain didn’t have a revolution resulting
    in a commune. I could go on for days explaining why a monetary system is
    ethically wrong. It is simpler to just look at the large picture: look at
    the crime, and corruption, and killing, and war, and governments, and
    countries that wold kill their own citizens, or blow up their own buildings
    and blame it on alleged ‘terrorists.’ All those things are a result of the
    monetary system. All.

  31. MarxistStudant says:

    You know, human history is too short, so that we may say we tried
    everithing. How can you be so sure about “the only system that works”? I’d
    say capitalism is 500 years old and hasn’t attempted everyting yet (Smith’s
    free-market ideal hasn’t been fully applied). Now, would you tell me that
    Marxism (less than 200 years old) has atempted everything? You see or
    possibilities are too large for either of us to say: “the only” “will
    never” “will always”, etc.

  32. Jakob Jenkov says:

    Wherein lies my ignorance? The video claims that the “true communism”
    existed in Paris for a few months. It existed through voluntary cooperation
    by the people, through democratic decision making. Could it have persisted?
    Would it not, step by step, had turned into a free market, with private
    propery rights? –> Capitalism, based on voluntary cooperation? Would
    people forever just have shared their items? Or, would a strong state have
    been necessary at that time, to keep the property shared?

  33. MarxistStudant says:

    Humm… No I’m not irish, but I may try alchool to try to understand god…
    That just doesn’t fit mein ideas thougth. I put reason before drunk
    toughts. God (if he exists), for me is too complex to be understood before
    we understand ourselves and the society we live in.

  34. SuperSuperfan says:

    @jjenkov I’m not denying it is. Communism is a utopian dream that has never
    been achieved and can never be achieved, but the states that have called
    them self communist essentially had slavery and ignorance.

  35. MarxistStudant says:

    For sure the commune porved you wrong at “THE ONLY” and this system’s
    crisis proved you worng at “WORKS”.

  36. Ian Downie says:

    “Capitalism was a cult persay when it first came around” Definition of
    Cult: “a system of religious beliefs and ritual; also : its body of
    adherents” So yeah, you are just simply wrong. “would you trust a college
    taught economist or a man whos been broken” The economist obviously, and
    they agree that capitalism is the way to go. Also, you can insert ANY
    system where you said capitalism there, it wouldn’t change a thing.

  37. Ian Downie says:

    “And who said they would rip it off your back?” If they aren’t able to take
    what is yours than it is your property, lol. “What about the people who are
    unable to ‘earn’ a shirt?” Depends on their situation. Are they healthy
    adults in the US? If so they CAN earn their shirt. Other people are
    possible exceptions. Property still exists though. “I give away my
    processing when my computer is on for research. ” How do you do that? I
    honestly would be happy to do that. It doesn’t hurt anything?

  38. Laurence Dixon says:

    also your no martyr to the capitalists you make communists more communist

  39. Ian Downie says:

    “Now, as far as the grapes, again same thing applies, if there were grapes
    to be picked, then they would go get some.” Why would they do that instead
    of taking yours? They could just accuse you of taking the choicest ones,
    never mind that you woke up early and got there before anyone else, all
    they care about are end results. You completely ignore that some people
    work harder/smarter than others, there SHOULD be material benefits for that!

  40. Deulineum says:

    I didn’t say they had the inability to rip it off your back; they sure is
    hell could… but they wouldn’t because you, like them would be cold. It
    would be in the name of self-gain to take the shirt from you. One person is
    already using it, so why fight over it?

  41. Ian Downie says:

    “if it destroyed or will destroy it it would of been stopped long ago by
    the very first Communist” … Don’t you remember the Collapse of the USSR?
    Even China gave up its Communist ways. “why do people believe in it” People
    are gullible, they even believe in Scientology and other cults. “being
    intolerant of people you dont agree with” Since when is civil debate
    intolerance? Asking people to question their beliefs isn’t inolerance it is
    how people learn from each other.

  42. MarxistStudant says:

    Take a look at “Marx on communism” and you’ll see that Mao and his tyrany
    isn’t the marxist communism, the commune de Paris is the best exemple of
    marxism you’ll find in history. I dare you point an evil aspect of it.
    (when compared to capitalism);

  43. Freethinker94 says:

    Beautiful, that commune was the beginning.

  44. Deulineum says:

    You are wrong, the concept of property is stupid. there are people who live
    without it now, people who would hand the shirt off they’re back if another
    person needed it… and tell me, whose happier, them or you?

  45. William Pope says:

    Long live the Venus Project!

  46. EinsteinPlanck says:

    This is such an inspirational play.

  47. Laurence Dixon says:

    @bbphnix Good Point In comparison to Capitalism? To be honest i don’t pefer
    it. its just despite the reputation of oppression you’d own the means to
    produce. Perhaps i’m wrong perhaps its you rented it rather than own it. I
    don’t know

  48. MarxistStudant says:

    But wasn’t destroyed. Capitalism converted that base into a base for its
    own exploitation and profit. And what you said doesn’t dennies that
    capitalism isn’t needed to erradicate poverty.

  49. MarxistStudant says:

    It impacts, but actually who really make this difference is the work. The
    worker have productive force, and sell it to capitalism. The workers don’t
    need capitalism, capitalism needs workers tought. The poor have all they
    need to get rich but: -means of production; -working tools; -productive
    knoledge; And neither of those requires capitalism. About you videos
    commarade, the “socialist” governments in India built up a economy base
    that would be required to your capitalist BooM.

  50. Semidicht says:

    Democracy like in the USA, where once in while yoou “choose” between two
    identical options? Or do you mean an other kind of democracy?

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